Coming Soon: A National EMS Administration?

Today’s EMS community is a full partner on the nation’s homeland-security first-responder team, but gets short shrift in funding, in representation at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and in media attention. One way to even out the playing field might be to establish a national office representing city,

Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Kansas

Oklahoma continues to provide more resources for first responders and counterterrorism personnel; new partnerships in homeland security and emergency preparedness formed in Texas; Indiana agencies address suspicious activity and fraud; Kansas responders.

A Long Tradition of Voluntary National Service

The recent spate of articles and commentaries about the “Minuteman” group that, without invitation, helped the U.S. Border Patrol apprehend over 300 illegal migrants is a timely reminder that other citizen groups have provided significant homeland-defense

Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada

Missouri, Rhode Island, and Nevada By Anthony Lanzillotti MissouriĀ Funeral Directors seek help with PPE funding Funeral home directors in Missouri have asked the state to help them obtain federal funding for the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE). The request came after a recent meeting of the directors to discuss

Arkansas, New Jersey and Alaska

ArkansasĀ Arkansas Department Of Emergency Management (ADEM)The vision of the ADEM states, ā€œThe Arkansas Department of Emergency Management will be theĀ recognized leader nationwide for state-level homeland security andĀ disaster preparedness programs, policies, and procedures by 2010.ā€ In keeping with this vision, the ADEM has implemented a list of Suggested Protective Measures for

A Note From the Publisher

Responding to the whirlwind of change that has engulfed the field of domestic preparedness since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, DomPrep.Com has revised and expanded its mission, its audience, and the scope of its coverage. Readers’ comments

A Spiral of Hope for the First Responder Community

The terrorists behind 9/11 and other international crimes, and the ill-advised nations that support terrorism in various ways, are counting on the so-called “spiral of fear” to win their unending war against the free nations of the world.


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