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Hands-On Training in an Internet World

The added convenience of taking CE and professional development training online certainly has advantages. However, when considering enrolling in courses for base training purposes, there are some notable disadvantages as well – primarily involving skills training and testing – that also should be considered.

Extraordinary Care: A Case Study for the Future

Managing change and risk is an ongoing challenge for emergency medical services managers. One growing concern is whether, before transporting patients to the hospital, paramedics should be providing more care than is now required.

Not All Components Are Equal, But All Are Essential

Implementation of the guidelines undergirding new national anti-terrorism policies will be a major challenge for state & local health departments. But the end result will be a better coordinated and much more effective national healthcare community.

Breaking the Rules to Save Lives

No two emergency scenarios are identical and some may call for “creative” solutions – for example, overriding triage strategies for victims of a weapon of mass destruction or substituting medications for scarce countermeasures. Understanding the rules and how far they can “bend” in a crisis situation may help save not

Radiation Contamination of Emergency Equipment

In 1945, Nagasaki became the second Japanese city destroyed by an atomic bomb in the closing days of World War II. The nuclear explosion caused immediate damage and killed tens of thousands of people, but the radiological contamination that remained took many additional lives. A crisis at a nuclear power

The Fallacy of Disaster Resilience

Doctors, nurses, and other highly visible professionals get the greatest credit, deservedly, in most public-health incidents and events. Playing increasingly important roles, though – before, during, and after such incidents – are the nation’s unsung and much less publicized sanitarians whose special expertise in numerous operational scenarios is finally being

International Medical Missions: Preplanning Essentials

An earthquake devastates Haiti, a tsunami smashes into northeast Japan, tornadoes rip through major U.S. cities – all of these disasters attracted responders from around the world who had volunteered to help in the aftermath. Some of the volunteers were well prepared and went through proper channels, but others created

The Medical Component of Mass Gatherings

During a medical emergency, navigating through large crowds requires more than just lights and sirens. By strategically placing resources, understanding the type of crowd, and preparing for all-hazards events, medical teams will be better equipped to rapidly respond as needs arise.

Taxis for the Sick

Thanks to the increased focus on homeland security in recent years, most Americans now understand the need to “triage” victims of a mass-casualty incident. Less understood is the triage approach as it applies to taking patients from an incident site to a healthcare facility: (a) immediate transport, with medical care

Food Fight – Bioterrorism & Emergency Response Capabilities

Infected salad bars and the “improved” technological capabilities of modern-day terrorist groups have combined to make U.S. responders, and the American people, much more cautious about what they eat. Fortunately, that heightened awareness has led to a much closer scrutiny of restaurants, super markets, food-processing plants, and the super-rich diet


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Article Out Loud – A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity Risk

  Full article by Ernesto Ballesteros, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, February 28, 2024. In this featured article, a cybersecurity state coordinator for CISA explains how cybersecurity is a core business process that involves the entire organization or agency. The continuity of government and operations depends on a

Article Out Loud – Protecting Infrastructure – Cyber, Physical, and EMP Attacks

  Full article by David Winks, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, February 21, 2024. In this featured article, a cyber defense expert describes the complexities of protecting the power grid from cyber, physical, and electromagnetic pulse attacks. Like a giant spider web, the grid connects power companies and

Article Out Loud – Repeated Intelligence Failures – Not Connecting the Dots

  Full article by Robert Leverone and Darren E. Price, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, February 14, 2024. In this featured article, two homeland security experts discuss how combating potential threats and avoiding intelligence failures involves identifying the signals and warnings in available information and connecting the dots.

Article Out Loud – Needed: More Imagination for Countering Domestic Risks

Full article by Jeanne Benincasa Thorpe, an Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness Journal, February 7, 2023.From “Lord of the Flies” to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, significant consequences have been blamed on failures of imagination. In this featured article, a national security and resiliency expert encourages leaders to

Article Out Loud – Unleashing Community Resilience Through Collaborative Leadership

Full Article By Michael R. Valiente, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 31, 2024. Elected officials and emergency response personnel form the nucleus of community leadership, a driving force for collaborative relationships with local stakeholders. Find out how community leaders who adopt the tenets of transformational leaders can

Article Out Loud – Commercial Facilities Sector Perspectives

Full Article By Kole (KC) Campbell, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 31, 2024. Commercial facilities dominate the U.S. economy, contributing trillions of dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product while employing and supporting millions of jobs. Learn more about this critical infrastructure sector and its interdependencies. Listen


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