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The ABCs of NIMS and the ICS

EMS agencies have been assigned major new responsibilities under both the NIMS and the ICS. The key to “mission accomplished” will be the ability of agencies from adjoining states to submerge personal identities & work toward a common goal.

Tags of Survival: The Start System

The triage goal is to maximize the number of lives saved. But to do so requires some extremely difficult decisions from the EMT on the scene, particularly in mass-casualty incidents when time is limited and information is in short supply.

EMS Hazardous Duty: Not for the Meek

The members of EMS units are among the first to respond to major disasters in their home communities. They also are on the front lines of danger, particularly in HazMat incidents, and for that reason alone must be among the best prepared & protected.

Evacuation Planning: A Long, Long Way to Go

In the years and months after the 11 September attacks, a great deal of work has been done at the federal level both to improve overall domestic preparedness and to standardize the response methods prescribed to deal with major disasters. Homeland Security Presidential Directives (HSPDs) 5 & 8 directed the

What Is an Ambulance?

It used to be two strong men and a hearse. Modern EMS workers are now much better equipped to provide early lifesaving support both at the scene of an accident or incident and while en route to the nearest hospital or other medical facility.

The Need for Surge Capacity: Patience Is Not the Solution!

The time is NOW to develop detailed plans for the implementation of the mutual-aid agreements without which almost all hospitals in any given area of the country will be forced to rely on stopgap measures–inadequate and too late–to cope with a major disasters

Public Health at the End of the World

The nation’s public-health professionals played a major support role during and immediately after Katrina hit land – and will continue to do so long after most other first responders have gone home.

New York, Madrid, London: What City Is Next?

The latest Great Awakening terrorist strikes should serve not only as another warning but also as a spur to collective action, particularly by the nation’s first-responder communities.

Coming Soon: A National EMS Administration?

Today’s EMS community is a full partner on the nation’s homeland-security first-responder team, but gets short shrift in funding, in representation at the White House and on Capitol Hill, and in media attention. One way to even out the playing field might be to establish a national office representing city,


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